Creative Services is no longer involved in the production or release of digital letterhead.

The creation of digital letterhead has been automated by Document Services and delivered to your campus communicator. Please contact your CCO for access to digital letterhead files.


Digital letterhead is subject to the same graphic standards as printed letterhead in that it may not differ in design or content from the standard format approved by the Board of Trustees. Unit logos and other illustrations are not permitted. Digital letterhead may not be used to circumvent the requirements for printed stationery as outlined in the Campus Administrative Manual.

The use of digital letterhead is restricted to official campus units. Only information relevant to a campus unit, such as an email address, campus website, campus phone number, etc., may appear. Letterhead is not available for individual use by students, faculty and staff, except for faculty who are University Scholars or hold a named chair.


Digital letterhead may only be used for email, internal campus communications and faxed correspondence. All printed correspondence via letterhead viewed by external audiences must use the official watermarked bond paper available from Document Services. The watermark of the university seal in the bond paper of the printed letterhead certifies to the recipient that the document is an official university communication, a requirement for some grants and legal issues.