Illinois Identity

Web Design Standards

A dry erase board with sketches of website interface elements

We're working on creating a standard set of tools and training that will help everyone be online and on brand. Whether you are an experienced developer or a non-technical person with no experience making websites, we're looking to make web standards easy.

It all starts with sharing a common library. Sharing common elements like buttons, menus, and accordions, allows us to spend less time and energy reinventing and more time creating content that engages audiences. When we reach from the same toolkit, we present ourselves as a unified institution. The tools will help us follow suit, but it's what's inside that matters most and where we truly differentiate!

Interested? You can help!

We are inviting the campus to take part in a shared discussion of our recent work. Please sign up to attend one or more of the sessions below. We are catering our sessions to the three primary users of the system: developers, designers, and content marketers.

Session 1: Designers

Thursday, 9/19
Main Library, Room 66

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Session 2: Developers

Friday, 9/20
Main Library, Room 66

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Session 3: Content Marketers

Friday, 9/20
Main Library, Room 66

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