Illinois Identity Standards v1.0

Logos and Colors

graphic of the print version of the IL Identity Standards

This is the first part of a new visual identity that’s being developed for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Within this version you’ll find basic definitions and guidelines for the identity’s primary elements. Due to the process by which this work is being completed, these standards will expand and evolve over the next few months. Future editions will build upon the elements introduced here.

For identity information that is not covered in this brand guide, please reference

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Downloading the Logo and Wordmark

U of I Box

All possible logo and wordmark variations are available for download through U of I Box* and may not be altered. No other variations may be created.

Follow the links below and use your campus Net ID to log in or sign up for your free account.

Download the Logo

Download the Wordmark

*For more information regarding U of I Box visit Tech Services. Contact Box Support if you experience any problems with your account.

Download the Entire Folder

To download a .zip file containing all possible logo or wordmark variations, click on the down arrow next to the folder name and choose "Download" from the dropdown menu.

Download Individual Files

To download a single file, hover over the file you wish to download and click on the "More Options" icon that appears next to the folder name. Choose "Download" from the dropdown menu.

Primary and Secondary Color Palettes

Colors should be used consistently across all materials. Pantone or CMYK values should be used for print and RGB or HEX values should be used for screen applications.

Primary Colors

Established in 1894, the primary color palette for the Illinois brand is orange and blue.


pantone 2767C
CMYK 100/90/10/77
RGB 19/41/75
HEX #13294b

pantone 7417C
CMYK 01/83/85/0
RGB 232/74/39
HEX #E84A27

Secondary Colors

The secondary color palette offers more depth and flexibility for the brand’s primary visual elements.


pantone 424C
CMYK 30/20/19/58
RGB 112/115/114
HEX #707372

pantone 877C
CMYK 0/0/0/40
RGB 214/214/209